Membership Information

Membership is open to all individuals. Annual chapter dues are $20.00. For those joining outside the continental US, please include $8.00 for postage on the newsletter. Dues for the National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) are $50.00 annually.

As a member, you will receive our monthly publication, the Jersey Central News, which keeps you up to date on area rail news and events and JCRHS happenings. It arrives in the mail a few days before each monthly meeting.

In addition, you can attend our monthly meetings, annual banquet and picnic. You will be welcome to join us in our preservation and restoration projects and assist us with our Santa Train and the annual Train Show.

Another benefit to membership will be preferred consideration when sponsoring a child for Railcamp hosted by Steamtown. For more information on Railcamp, please press here. And let's not forget the best benefit of membership, meeting and becoming friends with others who share your interests in railroading. So why not join our crew today?

For an enrollment form, please press here.

For further information concerning membership in Jersey Central, please contact Randy Kotuby at

To view a listing of the JCRHS officers, please press here.

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