Towers of the CNJ 2

Towers of the CNJ

Listed below are the towers of the CNJ broken down by line. The list and descriptions were complied by Richard Colletti, a former tower operator with the CNJ. Many thanks to Richard for giving us permission to post this information here.

New York to Newark Branch
"C" tower (JC)

As mentioned the Main Line Page before, controlled the separation of mainline and Newark trains. Also controlled the 'wash rack' and a wye facility.   Tower "C" was the newest of all the terminal towers and was open for only a short time. When a ship crashed into the Hackensack drawbridge on or about 1946, the line between Newark and Jersey City was permanently severed thus creating no need for tower "C". All passenger traffic was rerouted from Newark to Jersey City via Elizabethport (Eport).

"HD" tower- (HACKENSACK)

Two track drawbridge that controlled rail movements across the Hackensack River. On or about 1946 a ship collided with the bridge causing irrepairable damage which resulted in the demise of the line.

"PB" tower- (PASSAIC)

Once a two track drawbridge that controlled high speed rail movements over the Passaic River, it was reduced to one track after the demise of service between Jersey City and Newark. Passenger trains from Newark and Eport continued to serve Western Electric company for a while but eventually all passenger service was ended and track was downgraded to a secondary. Ultimately the line was abandoned and the bridge razed.

"BS" tower- (BRILLES)

BS controlled the east end of Brilles Yard, all switching movements to the local customers, the one time "Newark passenger transfer station" (when direct service still existed) and service to Eport via "CY" tower. When direct service between Jersey City and Newark ended, there was no real need for the existance of "BS" and therefore it was closed, the main line removed, the station razed and hand switches installed where needed.

"BT" tower- (BRILLES)

Also known as Brilles West, this tower controlled all pasenger and freight movements between Newark - Jersey City and between Newark - Elizabethport. Also controlled the west end of Brilles Yard and local switching to area customers.


The western terminal and end of the line for the New York and Newark Branch. Known as the 'high tower', "NA" sat way up in the air in order to see the entire interlocking. The terminal consisted of  four pasenger stalls and two freight stalls. Behind the tower was a baggage track and behind that the huge 'Newark Wharehouse'. For a small terminal, in it's hey-day, Newark was extremely busy with both passenger and freight traffic.

Newark and Elizabethport line & Elizabethport to Perth Amboy line

Main Line - Jersey City to Phillipsburg

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